• Posted by: Angela Jonas
  • Updated: June 23, 2021
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I have noticed that my photos are opening in a new photo viewer. What are its advantages?

We have introduced a new Photo Lightbox Viewer with Theater Mode, which attractively displays your photos. This advanced way of photo viewing displays photos elegantly and provides an enjoyable experience:

- Photos in this viewer appear bigger, more beautiful and crisper.
- Photos are shown larger and clearer. The new viewer supports high resolution images.
- Its design minimizes distraction while photo viewing.
- Comments and commenting have been moved to a right Interaction Panel next to the photo. Thus, you no longer need to scroll down to comment on the photo. This increases interaction on your photos.
- You can quickly perform actions like Share, Like, Comment, Report, etc from photo viewer without page reload.
- The viewer and the photos automatically fit into the browser viewport area.
- You can now view your photos in Fullscreen Mode by clicking on an icon on photos in the viewer. In supporting browser, this also switches the browser view to fullscreen mode, and in other browsers, it hides the right Interaction Panel to show you a bigger photo.
- The "View All" option will enable you to view all the photos belonging to the album of currently viewed photo in an attractive photo strip which smoothly slides out from the bottom of photo viewer.
- The Title and Caption of photos are displayed prominently in the right Interaction Panel. Additionally, in Fullscreen Mode, Photo Title and Caption appear in an attractive fading tooltip on photos. Thus, you can also use our photo albums for showcasing your Photo Essays.
- You can now quickly "Like" a photo by pressing the "L" key.
- A tooltip will appear when you mouse-over on your name in the photo you are tagged in. This will show the name of the member who has tagged you, and also an option to remove the tag.